Referral Program Policy

Capitalized terms in this Referral Policy have the same meaning as in the Terms of Service (“TOS”) and, in general, the Agreement as defined in the TOS.

Upon written request, “Hey Tommy Inc.” (the “Company”) will provide a referral code to each Account Holder in good standing (the “Primary Account”) who has referred to the Company an additional and new account (the “Secondary Account”). The referral code must be used by the Primary Account Holder to participate in the Hey Tommy Inc. Referral Program (the “Referral Program”).

To qualify as a Secondary Account, a person must not have been an Account Holder with the Company in the previous twelve (12) months, must sign up for a new Company account and must become an Account Holder with the Company using a Company referral code supplied by the Company in connection to the Primary Account Holder’s request under the Hey Tommy Inc. Referral Program Policy (the “Referral Policy”).

As a pre-condition of participation in the Referral Program, the Account Holder agrees that, from time to time, the Company may unilaterally and without further notice to the Account Holder, amend, change, or modify in whole, or in part, this Referral Policy. Account Holders are responsible for contacting the Company and referring to the Company’s website to stay apprised of changes to the Referral Policy.

The Company will pay the Primary Account Holder $1.00 per month (the “Commission”) for any Secondary Account created using the Account Holder’s referral code on the condition that both the Primary Account and the Secondary Account remain active and both accounts and Account Holders are in good standing with the Company.

An account that is in good standing is defined as an account that is fully paid for a minimum of two consecutive months and operating in accordance with the Terms of the Agreement, the Company’s Terms of Service (TOS), Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and Referral Policy.

Commission Payout Rules

  • At all material times, the following conditions must be satisfied for the Company to have a payout obligation under its Referral Policy: The Primary Account and Secondary Account must both be in good standing with the Company and both must have at least one active website (two websites in total in effect) to garner Commission payments.
  • Commissions will be paid in Canadian funds to Primary Accounts that are billed and paid in Canadian funds. Commissions will be paid in US funds to Primary Accounts that are billed and paid in US funds. All Commissions will be paid monthly by direct deposit to the PayPal account of the Primary Account holder. It may take up to two months for the first Commission payment to appear for a particular Secondary Account, depending on when in the payment cycle the Secondary Account signs up.
  • The Company will pay Commission only premised on valid Company supplied referral codes. Once processed, referral codes of a Secondary Account website cannot be changed by the Account Holder. Commission payments and Referral Codes are non-transferrable and not assignable.
  • The Company’s decisions regarding the Referral Program are final and binding upon all participants. The Company has unfettered discretion to hold Commission payments in abeyance, cancel Commission payments or suspend and re-instate participation in the Referral Program and has no obligation to disclose reasons for its decisions.